Designing a performance measurement framework for the Youth Success Strategy

March 2017 – ongoing

United Way Greater Toronto’s (UWGT) Youth Success Strategy was launched in 2016 to help youth facing multiple barriers find meaningful employment and improve their social and economic futures. The strategy includes three initiatives: a sector-focused workforce development program, a career-oriented networking and mentoring initiative, and a grants stream for social service agencies working with vulnerable youth.

To help UWGT understand the impact of the Youth Success Strategy, Blueprint designed, and continues to refine, an evaluation framework with a common set of outcome indicators and data collection tools. The framework will generate evidence about the effectiveness of each initiative, as well as the strategy as a whole.

To ensure the framework is operationally feasible and sensitive to the needs of vulnerable youth, we are continuing to work collaboratively with UWGT and partner agencies in a co-design process, and have tailored our data collection tools to reflect the experiences of the youth they serve—including youth who are Indigenous, transgender, racialized, living with a disability, in conflict with the law, and at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

Blueprint is also working closely with UWGT and partner agencies to support the implementation of the framework. Over the next two years, we will be monitoring results, analyzing data, and preparing reports to identify key findings and insights that will inform next steps for the strategy.

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