Tracking progress against shared outcomes

FSC is measuring a set of shared outcomes and participant socio-demographic characteristics across projects. This core set of measures was developed in consultation with our partners and was informed by review of employment-related outcomes frameworks and measurement approaches both within Canada and internationally.

The shared outcomes framework will allow FSC to measure and compare the performance of individual projects, groups of projects based on project type, sector, or target population, and estimate the collective impact of all funded projects.

The participant outcomes framework includes:

  • Intermediate outcomes that reflect participant experience or capture milestones such as program completion
  • Long-term outcomes such as employment and educational outcomes that measure the long-term effectiveness of each innovation project
  • Customized outcomes, which are outcomes which are likely to occur in a large number of projects, but for which indicators and measurement will differ by project

Outcomes will be measured at regular intervals for each project using a mix of survey data and program and government administrative data.

The socio-demographic measurement framework includes participant characteristics we will measure across all innovation projects, including data on participants’ employment history and socio-demographic characteristics. Consistent with a Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA+) approach, this framework will help us assess how individuals with different labour market trajectories and multiple identity factors—such as gender, race, and disability—experience each intervention. It will also help us understand and report on FSC’s mandate to improve outcomes for youth and underrepresented groups.

FSC has also developed a draft common employer outcomes framework to measure experiences, outcomes, and impact from the employer perspective. This draft framework will be further developed, refined, and validated based on input from a Canadian employer panel that will be convened by FSC in the fall of 2019.

Common outcomes framework

Common socio-demographic measurement framework

Draft employer outcomes framework