May 5, 2018

Testing innovative approaches to skills training

We’re launching two demonstration projects to help individuals get the training they need to find sustainable employment.

Blueprint has been engaged by the Ontario Centre for Workforce Innovation (OCWI) to evaluate two innovative program models for serving jobseekers with skills training needs. Both projects will provide opportunities for local workforce development organizations to participate in delivering and testing innovative skills training models.

1. The Contextualized Essential Skills demonstration project will test whether an innovative approach to essential skills upgrading for frontline workers has positive impacts for employees and employers. OTEC, a leader in hospitality and customer service training and community workforce development, is leading the delivery of the training. Blueprint is leading the evaluation. Training will begin in May, 2018.

2. The Career Pathways demonstration project will test the effectiveness of a modular approach to post-secondary training that helps learners transition seamlessly from essential skills training and adult education to post-secondary training.

Stay tuned for more information about these projects!