August 14, 2020

Blueprint to lead evidence-generation strategy of Future Skills Centre’s new $37 million investment

Canada’s economy is changing rapidly, and new approaches to skills development and employment training are needed to help workers succeed in today’s labour market.

As a partner in the Future Skills Centre (FSC) consortium, Blueprint will lead the evidence-generation strategy of FSC’s newest initiative — a $37 million investment in 30 community-based projects across Canada that will support workers transitioning to new jobs and industries.

The programs are designed to help employers find workers with the skills they need, and Canadians acquire sought-after skills, with a particular emphasis on those who are disadvantaged and underrepresented.

The projects will explore innovative approaches to training and reskilling workers and cover four major themes:
• An economic recovery powered by leveraging AI and technological advancement
• Training, reskilling and adapting within industries facing chronic skills shortages
• Innovative approaches to training and learning to build capacity and resilience
• Creating an inclusive workforce for the future

Blueprint’s role

Blueprint will use its diverse methodological tools and extensive experience in program design, evaluation, policy analysis and advanced analytics to generate high-quality evidence that will shed light on the performance of FSC’s innovation projects. We will work closely with service providers and policy-makers to ask the right questions about the performance of the skills-building initiatives being tested, and produce answers using rigorous methods and approaches.

Our team will measure the core labour market outcomes of the interventions and use the information to generate insights that will drive program improvement. We will tailor our evaluation strategy to the needs of each individual project and work closely with our partners to share results. We will come up with strategies for taking each project to the next level in implementation, scale and evaluative rigour.

The findings will enable practitioners and policy-makers to make evidence-informed decisions about what works, continuously improve and refine approaches, and achieve meaningful outcomes for Canada’s workers and employers.

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