Incorporating a Gender-Based Analysis Plus lens

Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA+) is a powerful analytical framework that helps ensure diversity and inclusion considerations are built into all stages of the evaluation process.

GBA+ fundamentally shapes how we approach the discovery phase of our evaluation process. We draw on voices of partners and stakeholders from diverse groups to challenge our assumptions about how we think a program model operates or is experienced by its participants.

As we move from discovery to evaluation plan development, we use a GBA+ lens to ensure we can:

  • Assess equitable access to participation in projects
  • Understand how gender and other identity factors shape the experiences of program participants
  • Assess whether and how outcomes achieved differ across diverse groups of participants, and why

The GBA+ framework enhances the credibility, depth, and rigour of our evaluation activities, and is an important way to strengthen our ability to incorporate the experiences and outcomes of all program participants in our evaluations.