December 12, 2018

Findings from the “Made in Ontario” NEET Youth Research Initiative

Recent research conducted by Blueprint shows that approximately 12.1% of Ontario’s population between the ages of 16-29 are NEET: not in employment, education or training.  Prior to this initiative, limited research had been conducted on the needs, perspectives and challenges faced by NEET youth, or on the costs associated with the disconnection of youth from school and work.

Back in March, Blueprint took the lead on a research initiative—in partnership with the Government of Ontario and the United Way Greater Toronto—to generate new knowledge about NEET youth and ensure that future policies and programs are informed by a better understanding of their circumstances.

We undertook a mixed methods research project that used data from Statistics Canada surveys, government administrative data, focus groups with youth-serving agencies and a survey of over 900 NEET youth across Ontario. Our findings demonstrate that while many NEET youth face a number of complex challenges, there is also huge social and economic potential that could be unlocked by better addressing and preventing these challenges. Government, the private sector and the youth-serving sector have an important opportunity to work together to invest in policies and programs that meet the needs of NEET youth. Better serving this vulnerable population could generate significant social and economic benefits for all Ontarians.

You can download the full report here.