November 24, 2017

Engaging in policy conversations

Our team is participating in discussions about Canadian public policy issues.

  • Karen Myers, our President & CEO, was invited to a roundtable discussion of a recent Mowat Centre Report on the governance of Canada’s Employment Insurance program. The roundtable was hosted by the Atkinson Foundation. Click here to read the Mowat Centre report.
  • Caitlin Myles, Senior Researcher, was part of the team that organized Connected Canada 150, a two-day conference held in October 2017 that examined what it means to be a digital citizen in Canada. Read more about the conference here.
  • Karen Myers recently joined the faculty of the Maytree Policy School, an initiative designed to support policy professionals from the non-profit sector to build their public policy skills and knowledge. Read more about the Maytree Policy School here.
  • Mark McKerrow, Senior Researcher, attended two Statistics Canada training seminars on the Social Policy Simulation Database and Model, which allows researchers to analyze how changes in the Canadian tax and transfer system are likely to affect costs and benefits for individuals and their families, and how government revenue would be affected. Read more here.
  • Karen Myers and Kelly Pasolli, Senior Researcher, are attending Looking Ahead: Preparing for the Next 25 Years of Social Policy, an event hosted by Maytree to explore how the social policy lessons of the past 25 years can equip us for the challenges of the future. Kelly is also facilitating a discussion on income security at this event.
  • In recognition of Blueprint’s expertise in the area of housing affordability, Karen Myers was invited to present on the topic of portable housing benefits at the Tower Renewal Action Forum, an event to showcase promising solutions to Canada’s growing housing affordability crisis. The federal government recently announced that it will introduce a housing benefit as part of its national housing program – read about the Canada Housing Benefit in the Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail.